PBDumper v0.9.3

Another project that was lacking some upgrade for quite a long time : PBDumper, my experimental Powerbuilder library unpacker.

The project started back in 2008, but was not publicy updated since (though I debugged a more stable version months ago).

This is done now, with the following improvements as the 0.9.3 release :
  • the source code of the objects (when it is present in a pbl) is now exported in UTF-8
  • a lot of the text output is now disabled by default (it is mainly needed when debugging PBDumper itself) but cans be reactivated with the -v command line option
  • PBDumper can export the library content in a dedicated folder named after the library itself
I have some more improvements in my TODO-list, I hope that I will have the time to code them ;op
a sample of PBDumper output